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3 Reasons How Touring Can Lead To Disaster For New Bands

At its best, touring is fun, lucrative, and creatively fulfilling. At its worst, it’s capable of bringing even the most experienced musicians to their knees. Touring can lead to disaster for musicians of every level of experience, but new bands are especially susceptible. Here are three reasons why. Personality conflicts A drummer who takes his time moving his equipment off stage after shows. A lead singer who snores. A tour manager that drinks too much. When new bands tour, they’re often ill-prepared for the challenging personality conflicts that the road has a way of exacerbating. This is especially the case for new bands with members that don’t know each other well yet. But even for new b

How Obsessing Over The Numbers Can Hurt Your Songwriting

Whether it’s the play-counts you rack up over streaming platforms or the amount of followers you accrue through social media, numbers and statistics have become an almost unavoidable part of being active in music today. But just because you’ve got a perpetual front row seat when it comes to following the numbers behind your music, doesn’t mean you should always be paying attention. In fact, obsessing over your plays, views, followers, and downloads can do more harm than good for your songwriting. Why more isn’t necessarily better when it comes to numbers in music Musicians aren’t any different than regular people in the way that we’ve all been trained to attach value to things that garner at

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