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Virtual CFO

Full-Service Accounting For Your Small Business.


If you’re busy making bank and need a financial expert on your side, you’re in the right place. This exclusive service is designed to take your business’s financial success to the next level. The Virtual CFO solution is an all-inclusive program, giving you VIP access.


YOU: Own a thriving small business and need someone reliable and knowledgeable to handle all of your financials, provide advise, and assist with your financial success.


Jacqueline Marrano: Oversees all of your business financials and provides you with monthly and quarterly updates and reports so you can track your progress.

Refer to the chart below for pricing and details of all of the services included in the Virtual CFO service.

How do I qualify?

To qualify for the Virtual CFO service, your business must meet the following restrictions.

  • Gross Business Income (Before Expenses) Exceeding $450,000

  • 1+ Years in Business

  • The Following Business Structures Qualify

    • Sole Proprietor

    • Single-Member LLC

    • S-Corporation

    • C-Corporation

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