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What Do Small Businesses Struggle With?

Have you ever thought about starting a business? Have you ever wondered what are some of the struggles business owners face on the road to starting a business and running it? Below are a few struggles that I have had in my own business that many other business owners go through. 1. Attracting Customers/Gaining Traction: One of my first struggles was attracting customers. Last time I checked, they didn't teach an accounting major in college how to be a business owner. I mean in college do they ever teach that? I heard they do now but "back in my day" they did not. I had to learn how to make a customer see my worth since I was a young ambitious soul. I had to prove myself. Once you figure out

Facts about a 401(k):

Do you understand the ins and outs of your plan? Here are some facts you may not know. You can roll it over when you leave. Automated portfolios work. Stable value funds are a good choice. Age 55 is special. You have creditor protection. Designated Roth accounts are great. Company stock may have special tax treatment.

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