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Are you having trouble Reaching a Real Personal at the IRS?

This article will help you get in touch with a real person at the IRS instead of waiting for hours on the phone or dialing to just get an automated response.

First let me say I already know how frustrated you are at this moment. How might you ask. Well, it's because just like you many people have tried to reach the IRS before searching online and reading an article to see how to get in touch with them.

So take a breath and let's get down to it!

BEFORE you call:

Have all your information in front of you that you are calling about.

1. Have your social security number and social security numbers of anyone who is on your tax return in front of you.

2. Have your DOB (birth date) and DOB of anyone who is on your tax return in front of you.

3. Have your EIN (employer ID number) and business name in front of you in case that is something you are calling about.

4. Have your prior return in front of you and your current return.

5. Have any letter or notices in front of you that you might have been sent.

To MAKE the call:

1. The only number you should dial is 1-800-829-1040 unless an agent at that number told you a different number. Note they are only available M-F.

2. Choose your language.

3. Choose option 2 for Personal Income Tax (if that is what you are calling about). NEVER choose #1 unless you want the automated response.

4. Next push #1 for form, tax history, or payment.

5. Next push #3 for all other questions.

6. Next push #2 for all other questions.

7. When the system asks you to enter your SSN or EIN to access your account information, do NOT enter anything.

8. It will ask you 2 times and then you will be prompted with another menu option set.

9. Next push #2 for personal or individual tax questions. Then FINALLY you will get to speak to a LIVE agent!

There you have it! A road map to get your problems addressed.

**Suggestion: Do a 3-way call with your tax preparer to ensure you get all your questions answered and skip the runaround that an agent might give you!**

Contact us at Marrano Solutions if you ever need any help.

Text: (678) 849-1032


FB Messenger: @ur1cpa


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