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Business ideas for Mompreneurs.

If you’re a mom who wants to start a business — whether for reasons of flexibility, fulfillment or financial necessity — play to your strengths and passions. Here are ideas for a range of personalities and skill sets.

Creative moms: Freelance copywriter, Etsy artist or piano teacher.

A mom with a creative streak has numerous outlets for entrepreneurship. Mauro, an artist, treats her candles — which are scented naturally, without chemicals — as a way to tell a story and “share light” with her customers, a process she finds personally rewarding. Remember, making and selling your own products is only one way to capitalize on your skills; you can also teach.

Techie moms: Computer repair service, web design or coding contractor.

In our increasingly online world, tech skills, such as coding and website design, are in high demand. Tech-talented moms can reach out to local businesses (or other mompreneurs) to offer help with websites and apps, or run a repair service for broken electronics.

Healthy moms: Fitness studio owner, personal trainer, nutrition consultant.

Moms with a flair for fitness can tap their energy with active pursuits, such as acting as a tour or hiking guide, becoming a personal trainer or running a yoga studio. Note: If health and safety are involved, make sure you are properly licensed, and have your customers sign a waiver.

Mathematical moms: Accounting service, tax preparation, bookkeeping agency.

The best thing about being a math whiz is there will always be people looking to you for help. Starting a one-woman bookkeeping firm, for example, is an option for numbers-savvy moms. Keep in mind that these services may require certification or licensing.

Analytical moms: Consulting or referral services.

Good at writing business plans or developing marketing strategies? Consider turning your skill into a business. Solving problems, either as a consultant or by creating a new service allows moms to flex their analytical muscles while helping others in the business community.

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