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Owner's Cell: (678) 849-1032 (text preferred)

Managed by Marrano Accounting Solutions, LLC. @ur1cpa™

Located in:

Various Location in: Atlanta * Chicago * New York * Miami * Pittsburgh

More Locations COMING SOON!


What Do We Do In The Entertainment Industry?



When it comes to developing artists we handle the financial advising and brand development part.

 We sign new or established talent to the book. Then continue to work closely with the artist, acting as their liaison to the label’s business affairs department and as an advisor who will help nurture.

For the unsigned musician, an financial advisor can be the gatekeepers of the industry. We are the musicians’ point of contact during contract negotiations. We also play an important role in the development of the artist – how the band will be marketing, sometimes choosing songs for the musicians to record if they don’t write their own material and building a basic foundation for the album and the band.



Staffing, Management, and Consult Planning

For small to large-scale events such as festivals, concerts, or sports events. 

  1. Security

    1. Parking and Traffic Control

    2. Gate and Standard Entry Points

    3. Inside Perimeter

    4. Outside Perimeter

    5. Backstage

    6. Response Team

  2. Hospitality

    1. Ticket Registration

    2. Greeters

    3. Directors

    4. Ushers

    5. On-site Customer Service

  3. Management and Supervision

    1. Registration for event.

    2. Vendors

    3. Staff

    4. Appearance Guests

  4. Consulting and Planning

Depending on the scope of the event and the other hired professionals, the job responsibilities may vary.